The Adopt-A-Priestess Project

I’m kicking off a project here at AoftheA, one your participation is humbly requested.

Last week’s story of Norma Jean Coon publicly renouncing her association with RCWP and attempt at ordination to the diaconate really moved me. It was a bright light of hope in a week of dark, despairing news. Perhaps it’s the initial sign that the womynpreest movement is beginning to crack. Thus, we should all help it along.

That’s why I’ve decided to launch the “Adopt-A-Priestess Project”, which is not all that dissimilar from “Adopt A Seminarian” initiatives some dioceses have, or the Spiritual Adoption of Unborn Human Life that had been encouraged by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.

Here’s how it will work: I have a list of the names of 75 women, taken directly from the website of Roman Catholic Women Priests. They are from the US, Canada and a few from Europe. The list will get longer, as I am sifting through a similar roster from the Women’s Ordination Conference site (I’m checking for duplication). If you wish to participate, I will assign you one of the names – or more, if you so desire, just let me know. I’m asking you to pray for that woman’s conversion and return in full communion to the Church. How you do that is entirely up to you. Masses, rosaries, Divine Mercy chaplets, adoration, fasting – whatever devotion or means that works for you. If you’re a priest, and you want to participate, perhaps you could say Masses for that woman (a few for the success of this project would be cool, too!)

If you are interested in joining, leave your name in the combox with the number of women you can commit to pray for. I’ll assign names in the comment box (you can make personal requests, too if you know one in particular – and please be patient if I don’t respond immediately to your request). If the entire list is exhausted – and wouldn’t that be great? – I’ll just cycle through a second time, until everyone who wants to participate has someone to pray for. It’s my hope that every woman will have at least one person praying for them. Given that I have 253 followers and 445 Google subscribers, I think chances are good. I’ve taken the first two names from the list – who wants the next?

Please – prayerfully consider taking part in this project. This movement can be defeated, one woman at a time. It won’t be won through argument or persuasion (least of all snarky blogposts), but only through the power of the Holy Spirit, invoked through prayer and sacrifice. Conversion doesn’t happen in a vacuum – as Catholics, we must stand in the gap and assault heaven with prayer. We might not see tangible results, but God answers every prayer in His way, in His time.

So -if you blog (which is not a prerequisite to participate, btw), or do the Facebook thing, please help out and swipe the “Adopt-A-Priestess Project” button for your site, whether you choose to participate or not, and link back to this post (You can modify the button’s HTML code so it automatically links to this post. If you don’t know how, ask and I’ll walk you through it). Please spread the word. This is one of the reasons why we belong to the Catholic blogosphere community – bloggers, readers, commenters, lurkers – to further the kingdom of God and to build up the body of Christ.

I know that most of the time I’m poking fun at these women’s misguided beliefs…okay, make that all the time. But this is serious business. You might think that the womynpreest movement isn’t the most pressing issue facing today’s Church. Well, that argument can take place some other time. Nevertheless, their movement does in fact wound the body of Christ, it makes a mockery of the holy priesthood, and it serves to undermine Church authority. It’s leading other souls astray, and thus, it must be stopped. And while it’s true we can pray in a general sort of way for the Holy Spirit to convert these women, I believe it’s more efficacious to pray for each individual specifically. Christ died to save each of us, not in groups or teams, but as individuals, uniquely created in the image and likeness of God. So when there’s an opportunity to pray for people by name, we ought to.

I’m placing this project under the intercessory protection of St Therese of Lisieux, St John Vianney and Venerable (soon to be Blessed) Pope John Paul II. And St. Michael the Archangel for good measure.

Thanks for your participation.

UPDATE 3/1 at 9:30 PM EST – at this point, 26 women have been adopted. What an awesome response! If you’ve requested a name, check back in the combox after a few hours – that’s where I’m posting the names.

UPDATE 3/2 at 9:00 AM EST
– we’ve crossed the half-way point! 38 women have been adopted now. Thanks!

UPDATE 3/2 11:00 PM EST
– up to 53 adoptees! Way to go everybody! More than two-thirds there!

UPDATE 3/3 2:00 PM EST – 58 women have been adopted to date. Also, Fr. Cory Sticha has some advice for those considering making contact:

I’m reluctant to advise anyone to contact the “priestesses” they’ve adopted before they’ve spent some time praying specifically for them. I would think that spending a week praying for them, asking the Holy Spirit to move in the prayer’s heart so that they can reach out to their adopted “priestesses” with the true charity of Christ. Once they have prayed for them (and fasted – remember what Our Lord said about prayer and fasting), then they can reach out to those they are praying for.

Now, this is just my advice, but knowing how easily Internet communication can be misunderstood, it’s probably best to allow the Holy Spirit some time to work in our lives before contacting them.

Thanks, Father.

UPDATE 3/4 9:00 AM EST – more than 90% of the members of the RCWP have been adopted – only 7 left. If you’ve been considering participating – now is the time. Oh, btw – 3 of these are men – which proves, I suppose, that the RCWP truly is inclusive…

UPDATE 3/4 9:00 PM EST – well, each person (I have to say that because some RCWP members are men) has an individual committed to praying for them! That’s right – 100% have been spiritually adopted – in fact, four now have two people praying for them. What a fantastic response! Deo gratias! That doesn’t mean you’re “late” if you want to participate. The more pray-ers the better! Let me know if you want a name – I’ll respond with one.

About Larry D

LarryD has been blogging since March 2008, making observations on trends within the culture and the Church. His goal? Poking hornets nests with a stick and injecting humor into the New Evangelization, with the gentle reminder that everyone's taking themselves way too seriously. He currently resides in Michigan.
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255 Responses to The Adopt-A-Priestess Project

  1. Natalie H says:

    Natalie H
    I'll take one Priestess to go.

  2. I am SO signing up for this!!! Please assign me one woman that I can pray for. I am also blogging this for more exposure. This is a wonderful Lenten activity.

  3. I posted it at the Catholic Online Forum as well.

  4. Mac McLernon says:

    Ok, count me in for one womynpriest-wannabee…

  5. Line says:

    Sign me up for one, please πŸ™‚

  6. Terry Nelson says:

    Oh wow! – I thought it was Adopt a Princess, so I was going to ask for Anne. Nevermind.

    Seriously – a very charitable gesture Larry – God bless you.

  7. I'll take the Canadian named Marie B!

  8. LarryD says:

    Natalie – Joan Houk

    Angela – Regina Nicolosi

    Mac – Andrea Johnson

    Line – Cheryl Bristol

    Terry – Dena O'Callaghan

    Seraphic – you got it! Thanks!

    Some names will be links, because they have profiles at the RCWP site, in case you want to know about them. Terry, I'm counting yours as a request, because your prayers are always answered.

  9. Suz says:

    Count me in for one!

  10. LarryD says:

    Line – I had the wrong link. Here is the correct one: Cheryl Bristol

    Suz – Ruth Broeski

  11. Robyn says:

    I will pray for one. Hey my check word is retirement,is that a good sign?

  12. Jeff Miller says:

    I'll take one. Nice project for Lent.

  13. Pavegs says:

    I would love to adopt a priestes. Can I request one by name? Theresa Novak Chabot is from my diocese and I think it would only be appropriate to pray for her.

  14. cuaguy says:

    I will take one!

  15. I'll take one of the Confidential “Priests” from the West US.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I'd like to adopt one.

  17. I will take two priestesses.

  18. Naomi says:

    Please, I would like to adopt. There but for the graces of Confirmation go I (truly!).

  19. I would like to adopt a priestess!

  20. LarryD says:

    Robyn – Cathy Redig

    Jeff – Gloria Ray Carpenteto

    pavegs – Theresa Novak Chabot

    cuaguy – Chava Redonnet

    Staying Aglow – Dagmar Celeste and Mary Ellen Robertson

    Fr Cory – you have Confidential Priest #1

    anonymous – Victoria Rue

    Naomi – Juanita Cordero

    Thanks everyone! Some names are live links to their profiles.

  21. LarryD says:

    P3 – Pat Sandall (sorry – no link to a profile!)

    Thanks for participating.

  22. LarryD says:

    oops – sorry, Lydia – didn't see your name until after I commented, and I have you down as “anonymous”.

  23. Renee says:

    Could I have Janice Sevre-Duszynska from Lexington, KY?


  24. Judith says:

    sign me up for one

  25. Anonymous says:

    Please give me the name of one to pray for. Anyone at all.

  26. Holy Guacamole! This is a great response!

  27. Lisa, sfo says:

    Whatta splendid idea! Please sign me up for one priestess — any name'll do. πŸ™‚

  28. Robert says:

    Put photo and link on my blog…..give me a name.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I'll pray for one!

  30. Kerry Ann says:

    Great idea! I'll take one heretic!

    Kerry Ann

  31. LarryD says:

    Renee – Janice Sevre-Duszynska

    Judith – Marie David

    Diana – Mary Ann Schoettly

    Lisa – Sandra DeMaster

    Robert – Eileen DiFranco

    anonymous – Mary Frances Smith

    Kerry Ann – Suzanne Dunn

    Some of the names are live links to their profiles.

    This is great! Heaven will be stormed with prayers!

  32. *signs line* I'll take one

  33. Mr. Estrada says:

    Sign me up please πŸ˜‰

  34. Sue says:

    Would love to.

  35. Jennifer says:

    This is a blessed idea, and I'm in. And as soon as I can figure out where your e-mail address is, I'll e-mail you to ask for directions for how to link to this from my blog.

  36. says:

    I'd like Alta Jacko, please!

  37. Maryjohn says:

    Yes please Larry. I live in Canada so maybe one of the Canadian women?

    Great way to kick off Lent.

  38. Al says:

    Love the idea, will take 1 preferable of Italiano descent so I can ask the Holy Spirit to make her an offer she better not refuse. πŸ™‚

  39. LarryD says:

    Joseph Therese – Rose Marie Hudson

    Mr. Estrada – Suzanne Thiel

    Sue – Alice Marie Iaquinta

    Jennifer – Toni Tortorilla.

    Al – Eleonora Marinaro – sounds Italian to me!

    Federoff – Alta Jacko

    Maryjohn – Kathy Vandenberg

    That's the last batch for today – I'll list any new ones tomorrow AM.

  40. Emily says:

    This is brilliant. Sign me up please! πŸ™‚

  41. LarryD says:

    Maryjohn – I screwed up and didn't fulfill your request correctly. Here's a Canadian one: Michele Birch-Conery

    Emily – you have Kathy Vandenberg

  42. Alipius says:

    Count me in!
    (I will post this on my blog and try to direct some German/Austrian traffic your way)

  43. MiDi says:

    Yes, I'd like to pray for one woman, too! Give me someone from Europe or Austria! Blessings, Ute

  44. Herminator says:

    One please, perhaps you can make it an european!


  45. Leslee says:

    I'll pray for one.


  46. LarryD says:

    Alipus – Patricia Fresen (Europe)

    Ute – Ida Raming

    Herminator – Gisela Forster (Europe)

    Leslee – Kathleen Kunster

  47. Robert says:

    After writing about the project on my blog, I sent a link to the post to DiFranco…….just so she'd know.

  48. MiDi says:

    Ute and Ida – perfect! I'll pray ….

  49. Heather says:

    I will take one, too, please. I don't care who and I don't care where.

    Great idea!

  50. Anthony says:

    I would be happy to adopt a priestess

  51. sasha says:

    Yes please – a European if possible.

  52. LarryD, sign me up. If there are some left uncovered at the end, I'll take more than one.

    God bless,

  53. Anonymous says:

    Please sign me up for one woman.

  54. Larry – sign me up.

    Good job, ole chap!

  55. Larry: Sign me up, bro! Some of these ladies live in MN but I'll ask for the random draw.

    I'd offer to walk a labyrinth in their honor but you know I'd get lost so I'll stick with the tried and true prayers.

  56. simon says:

    Please sign me up for one women. Thank you, may God bless you.


  57. LarryD says:

    Heather – Gabriella Velardi Ward

    Anthony – Mary Kay Kusner

    veneremurcernui – I'm giving you two just because – Jane Via & Judith Lee

    Karen – Diane Smith Whalen

    DUIB – Jeannette Love

    Cathy_of_Alex – Linda Wilcox – she's also a Benedictine Oblate with St Paul's Monastery in Maplewood. Ask, and ye shall receive!

    simon – Jean Marie Marchant

    sasha – Iris MΓΌller

  58. Herminator says:

    And sheΒ΄s even german!

    Fits perfectly!


  59. Anonymous says:

    This is Mike in KC, MO

    Please assign me one!


  60. Ttony says:

    Include me in!

  61. RED says:

    I'll take one too, please!

  62. Ben Trovato says:

    I'll adopt one too, thanks – what a great idea!

  63. Anneg says:

    I'll take one, too, Larry.
    I can't believe you haven't gotten any screaming responses yet! Great project. AnneG

  64. Anonymous says:

    OK, so I'm socially awkward and I'm looking for advice … some of these ladies give contact information … would it be helpful to contact my gal and let her know I'm praying for her … or would that be rude? Please give me guidance. Thanks.

  65. Al says:

    Al – Eleonora Marinaro – sounds Italian to me!
    Could be.

  66. Terry Nelson says:

    I prayed for my lady today at adoration – couldn't recall her name so I said “for the lady Larry picked out for me…”

  67. Anonymous says:

    Please give me the name of a lady please….

  68. LarryD says:

    Mike in KC – Katy Zatsick

    Ttony – Barbara Zeman

    RED – Marybeth McBryan

    Ben Trovato – Elsie McGrath

    AnneG – Roberta Meehan

    anonymous – Marty Meyer-Gad

    Thanks everybody!

  69. LarryD says:

    OK, so I'm socially awkward and I'm looking for advice … some of these ladies give contact information … would it be helpful to contact my gal and let her know I'm praying for her … or would that be rude? Please give me guidance. Thanks.

    That's entirely up to you. There's a chance the woman could get indignant, so you have that to consider. If you do contact her, I would send her a link to this post in your email – she would be curious as to how you got her name, perhaps. Or by reading the post, it might give her pause to think, just a bit, which would allow the Holy Spirit a small opening. You never know. All in all, contacting your spiritually adopted person isn't necessary, and it's up to you.

    Maybe a priest or someone with more sense about this issue who reads this answer can shed some light.

  70. Hi Larry,

    I'll take one for Lent.

    I posted your project at Catholic Fire — sounds like a worthwhile cause to me!

    God bless you for sponsoring this!

  71. Elizabeth says:

    I'll take one if there's any left! Have you got any Brits?

  72. I would like to adopt one also! Thanks! Cara H

  73. Robert says:

    OK, so I'm socially awkward and I'm looking for advice … some of these ladies give contact information … would it be helpful to contact my gal and let her know I'm praying for her … or would that be rude? Please give me guidance. Thanks.

    I sent an email to my priestess with a link to my blog post about the project. I believe she is entitled to know what's going on. Besides, knowing that she might read what I post about this will help me avoid the temptation of being “snarky” with what I write.
    She did not answer my email and there's no indication from google analytics that she went to my blog.
    Be that as it may….I think letting the individual know about this is a good thing.

  74. Deep curtsy, Gentle Larry!

  75. Larry,

    I'm reluctant to advise anyone to contact the “priestesses” they've adopted before they've spent some time praying specifically for them. I would think that spending a week praying for them, asking the Holy Spirit to move in the prayer's heart so that they can reach out to their adopted “priestesses” with the true charity of Christ. Once they have prayed for them (and fasted – remember what Our Lord said about prayer and fasting), then they can reach out to those they are praying for.

    Now, this is just my advice, but knowing how easily Internet communication can be misunderstood, it's probably best to allow the Holy Spirit some time to work in our lives before contacting them.

  76. Jess says:

    I'd like to adopt a lady!! Can I have two- One for me and one for my hubby?

    Thanks, Jess (and Matt) C.

  77. Jess says:

    Actually, could I have one of the ones in Drexel Hill, PA? I didn't even realize this community existed so close to where I live!

  78. LarryD says:

    Jess, here are two for you and your husband – Monique Venne and Patricia LaRosa You guys duke it out over who gets whom. πŸ˜‰

    As to the Drexel Hill “priestesses” – they've already been adopted, but if you want to include them in your prayers as well – go for it! My goal is to get all the women adopted before doubling up. The two I know of from Drexel Hill are Caryl Johnson and Eileen DiFranco.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Fr. Cory, that is exactly the kind of guidance I needed. I will pray and fast for awhile and make the guidance on whether to communicate part of my request.
    S. Awkward

  80. Michael says:


    I'll take one from anywhere. I hesitated because I'm not great at following through on some commitments, but I figure any prayers I remember for her are better than none. Plus, who knows, maybe this will kick me into gear spiritually. I want everyone on your list to have one person praying for her.

    Finally, have you assigned Fr. Roy to anyone? πŸ˜‰

  81. cantatrix says:

    I'll be glad to pray for a 'priestess'. It will be a good work for Lent.


  82. Burmy says:

    I can pray for seven…because I'm also assigning the intercession of the seven women martyrs listed in the Roman Canon (Felicity, Perpetua, Agatha, Lucy, Agnes, Cecilia, Anastasia)

  83. LarryD says:

    Michael – Judith McKloskey and go ahead and include Fr Roy if you want – that's a great idea!

    Jenny – Kim Sylvester

    Burmy – wow! Seven – that's wonderful. We're getting close to the end of the list, and some of the ones I'm giving you have decided to remain anonymous, and are identified by region. So, here are your seven: Ann Penick; Mary Ellen Sheehan; Catacomb Priest 1 – East; Confidential Priest 1 – Midwest; Confidential Priest 2 – Midwest; Confidential Priest 2 – West; and Catacomb Deacon 1 – East.

  84. Becky says:

    I would like to pray for one by name, and with each prayer for her I will also ask for the conversion of all women in this situation.

  85. Kerri says:

    I would also like to pray for one of these women or men. Thank you.

  86. cantatrix says:

    Thank you, Larry. The priestess you chose for me has an interest in music and the Liturgy- as do I. There are no coincidences!


  87. Gina says:

    I'm in. Gina F. 1 woman deeply in need of prayer. I'll promote this.

  88. dancingcrane says:

    i'm in. will put him or her in my iCal so i won't forget. Will be fasting this Lent.

  89. Yon says:

    Please sign me up, too!

  90. Robyn says:

    I'd like two, please. Thanks!

  91. KatyLamb says:

    I would like two ladies please. Thank you.

  92. LarryD says:

    RichardL – Rod Stephens

    Kerri – Michael Tompkins

    Becky – Rose Mewhort

    Robyn – Catacomb Deacon 1 (Canada East) and Olivia Doko

    dancingcrane – Regina Nicolosi

    Gina – Catacomb Deacon 1 – Midwest

    Yon – Jim Lauder

    KatyLamb – Bridget Mary Meehan and Joan Houk

    Thank you everybody for joining! We've started doubling up the adoptees!

  93. Maggie says:

    Wow! I forgot to check your blog for a week and missed some important stuff! Mea culpa!
    I'd love to pray for one of these women.
    Thank you!

  94. fedsped says:

    please send me a priestess I can fast and pray for. Thank you.

  95. Mr. B says:

    I'll take both Sr Joans from Rachacha…They may not be on the list, but shouldbe

  96. Jen says:

    I would like to pray for one of these women, also, please!

  97. LarryD says:

    Maggie – Andrea Johnson

    fedsped – Cheryl Bristol

    Mr B – go for it! Sr Joan Sobala and the other Sr. Joan, whose last name escapes me.

    Jen – Dena O'Callaghan

  98. Chris Mac says:

    Go any New England area priestess that need prayers? As long as they are not Yankees fans (kidding). This is one of my Lenten efforts, hopefully to continue. God bless you for thinking of this.

  99. Jen Brannon says:

    I'm already praying for different abortion 'doctors' every week, Larry… why not a liturgical 'doctor', too? {Get it? They're 'doctoring' the liturgy? Only not in a good way, much like the abortionists.}

    Give me a name!

  100. Tim says:

    Priestess me – a Brit would be nice but whatever you got.

  101. LarryD says:

    Chris mac – Ruth Broeski

    Jen – Kathy Redig

    Tim – Gloria Ray-Carpeneto. None from England that I can tell.

    Thanks guys!

  102. truthfinder2 says:

    Just linked to your blog via Mac's (Mulier Fortis). Would like to pray for one priestess: I will ask St. Paul (who had a radical conversion himself) to add his prayers to mine (I'm a 2004 convert from the Episcopal church.) Do you list any near Cincinnati, Ohio?

  103. Nod says:

    Hey Larry, sorry to be late – I've been sick.

    Me and the Homebrews will take one for Lent. That's a 4-on-1 ratio — gotta be good odds!

  104. LarryD says:

    Rosemary – Katy Zatsick – her bio says she resides in Lexington KY, which is the closest I could find to Cincinnati.

    Nod (congrats on #6!) – Chava Redonnet

  105. Nod says:

    Thanks, Larry.

    Ha! Ms. Redonnet is in Rochester. I went to school in Rochester – this'll be good!

  106. truthfinder2 says:

    Thank you, Larry! I'll use the link to pray for the others, too.

  107. Anonymous says:


    Just found this. I would love to have a woman to pray for during lent. Is it too late?


  108. Yvonne & Family says:

    Supersize us. We'll take two- no fries.

    Seriously, what a great idea. This is probably the best way to put yourself out of a blog.

  109. LarryD says:

    Teresa – never too late! Here's yours: Dagmar Celeste

    Yvonne & family – Mary Ellen Robertson and Theresa Novak Chabot


  110. Sysy says:

    So let me get this straight, this is to pray for a woman who is wanting to become a priest in hopes she'll come to her senses and not want to be a priest any longer? Am I right?

  111. LarryD says:

    sysy – basically, yes. An overwhelming majority of the women on the list I have believe they're properly ordained priests, but in reality are not. So they need prayers in order to come to their senses, in a spiritual way, and repent of their error.

    Hope that helps!

  112. Susan says:

    This is such a good idea! Please give me a priestess to pray for.

  113. Jen Brannon says:

    Thanks, Larry… she's on my list!

  114. Cry_Of_Stone says:

    This is a great idea! I, too, would like a woman to pray for during Lent & beyond. May I please have a name?

  115. LarryD says:

    Susan – Victoria Rue

    Cry_of_Stone – Juanita Cordero

    Thanks, and have a blessed Lent!

  116. Stephen says:

    I would like to participate

  117. Susan says:

    Thanks so much, Larry. What an interesting paring! My lady is a teacher-I have been a teacher. And she's a playwright and director-I'm a playwright and actress. I am a convert and I will pray for her conversion.

  118. Green says:

    I remeber during lent as kids we had milk cartons we saved money in for some little poor kid in china or africa and our class in effect would adopt a child in one of those countries being cared for by some missionary. With lent now underway, I think we should work to fund missionaries for these lost souls and maybe the assigned missionary could send along a little pictures of the priestess we are funding with some info on how things are going.

  119. LarryD says:

    Stephen – Pat Sandall

    Susan – Marie David


  120. Alix says:

    What a great idea! I'd like to adopt a priestess, please!

  121. Luiz says:

    I'm Brazilian priest and I will pray. Send me the name. Sorry, I'm learning English language. I will offer the Mass, Rosary en Via Crucis.

  122. Elizabeth S says:

    I would like to pray for someone – preferably in the UK or Europe

  123. km says:


    Was Mary Ramerman from Rochester assigned to anyone?

  124. LarryD says:

    Luiz – Janice Sevre-Duszynska

    Elizabeth – Ida Raming

    km – Mary Ramerman isn't on my list (she might not be associated with RCWP), but I do have one from the Rochester area: Patricia LaRosa

  125. Anonymous says:

    Cool. My degee is in German so I'm very pleased to have a German lady to pray for.

    Elizabeth S

  126. Patricia Fresen is already taken, but I will double for her. Back when she was Catholic, she came to our church in Pretoria regularly.

  127. I should also add that the unnamed male bishops in Germany should be included here.

  128. Kelly says:

    Hi Larry,
    I'd love to have one woman and one man to pray for specifically.

  129. LarryD says:

    Stephen – you got Patricia Fresen. As to the unnamed bishops, you are absolutely correct. How about you take them too? πŸ™‚

    Kelly – Eileen DiFranco and Rod Stephens

    Thanks to both of you! God bless!

  130. Bookclubber says:

    Yes, please let me have a 'priestess' to adopt,

  131. LarryD says:

    Bookclubber – Mary Frances Smith

    Thank you, and God bless!

  132. Bookclubber says:

    Bookclubber is on the case!

  133. NavyWife says:

    Please sign me up for one.

  134. LarryD says:

    NavyWife – Rose Marie Hudson

    thanks, and God bless!

  135. Ben Trovato says:

    Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, I've launched an 'Adopt and Abortionist' schemve over at Countercultural Father. Please support!

  136. Jackie says:

    Peace be with you. This is a good idea but I fear this type of conversion can only happen through prayer AND fasting . Seeing it is lent I wish I could commit to this but I am an awful sinner myself and I wish someone would do this for me . Pray for me that is, but it's a great cause .

  137. Jackie says:

    I guess I should pray about it first and be ready to fast and pray the rosary . could I do that with the intention of a conversion of some *cough cough* priest..ess?

  138. Denita says:

    Is it too late to adopt a priestess? I'd like to adopt one of those religious “sisters” who have delusions of grandeur; you know, one of those pantsuit-wearing-earringed ladies who call themselves “nuns”, but really want to be priest(ess)s.

  139. LarryD says:

    Denita – it's never too late to pray a lost sheep back to the safety of its shepherd. You have Suzanne Thiel

    Thank you!

  140. Hi there! Only like a month late, but can I have a name please? I'd prefer someone in Europe please? (I live in Britain.)

  141. LarryD says:

    Emmanuel – you have Genevieve Beney – she isn't from England, but is from Europe. Thanks!

  142. Quaerens says:

    May I have a priestess from the US? – Christie

  143. Quaerens says:

    Oops…now it will email me when you respond. Sorry.

  144. I would like a high priestess please.

  145. LarryD says:

    bc – you have Kathy Sullivan Vandeberg. She's from Nenno WI. Thanks!

  146. Beatrice says:

    Thanks for sharing about the “women priests”. I will adopt the group of wannabees from France, my country. One good thing about it is that we can make a list of all the Ministries and Retreats we want to avoid. (most of these women are spiritual directors or healing ministry leaders of some sort).

  147. LarryD says:

    Beatrice – the list I have has one name that sounds French to me – Genevieve Beney. Thanks for participating – and may God bless you!

  148. SDG says:

    Since it seems the world will carry on a bit longer, I'll sign up to adopt a priestess. We will remember her in our family rosary and pray for her return to the fullness of Catholic faith.

  149. LarryD says:

    SDG – you and your family have Toni Tortorilla

    btw – I'd honored that you've found my blog. I hope you like it enough to become a regular reader. I refer to your reviews frequently, and have found them insightful and helpful. God bless you and your family!

  150. SDG says:

    Thanks, LarryD! Toni Tortorilla, be assured of our prayers.

    And LarryD, I'm gratified by your appreciation of my work. Although I can't help noticing you left me off your post on bearded Catholic apologists. What's the mustachioed Dr. Ray got that my bearded self hasn't got? Dude's a family psychologist, or somesuch. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I know I'm a film critic, but I've done a lot of apologetics too. And I have the beard!

  151. LarryD says:

    SDG – that post will surely haunt me for at least six days after I'm already dead. πŸ˜‰

  152. SDG says:

    LarryD, I feel your pain … I have reviews like that.

  153. I would love to pray & fast for someone by name! I too regret not offering enough acts of charity toward those who inflict division on the Body of Christ.

    If there is anyone from the Diocese of Bridgeport, or anywhere in New England, please assign her (or him!) to me =)

    Yours in Christ,


  154. LarryD says:

    a.p. (Chris) – you have Jean Marie Marchant who lives in the Boston area. Thanks for participating!

  155. TomE says:

    Tally 2 more to the list, LD (Marellen Mayers & Patti LaRosa). There are 2 additional womyn priests (making a total of 4), but their names weren't mentioned in the article. You can give one or both to me . . . just don't blame me if they're “ordained” bishops before the end of the year. πŸ˜‰

    PS They all look so happy. I could just cry, but not on account of their happiness. πŸ™

  156. Les E says:

    Shame on you all for making fun of a persons vocation to God!

    I didn't know being called by God into ministry REQUIRED A PENIS!

  157. LarryD says:

    Tom E. – the other two women are Ann Penick and Caryl Johnson. They, as well as Patti LaRosa were 'womendeacons' according to the RCWP site, and thus have a couple people praying for them already.

    Marellen Mayers, however, was not on the list, so you can include her in your prayers.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the article.

  158. LarryD says:

    Les E – sorry you feel that way, but these people are not living according to God's will, regardless of how sincere they believe they are. They're living in opposition to Church teaching and contrary to the will of God.

    Speaking for myself, I intend to pray every day for the two women I've adopted until the day I die.

  159. fabricdragon says:

    i can adopt one. i would love to offer to do more but i have this problem with over volunteering!

    kirsten at fabric dragon dot com

  160. Anonymous says:

    Sign me up for one! πŸ™‚

    And thanks for starting this. It's an issue very close to my heart since my reversion to the faith five years ago.


  161. LarryD says:

    Oops! Almost dropped the ball there!

    Kirsten (@fabric dragon) – you have Kathleen Kunster

    Amanda – you have Gabriella Ward

    Thanks for taking part!

  162. KatyLamb says:

    I too will pray for my ladies always. I have come to feel deep affection for Bridget and Joan from praying for them daily, and I have faith they will wake up one day and return to the true fold.

  163. Christina says:

    I know I'm coming late to the game, but sign me up for a womynpriest or two! This is a great initiative! Love your blog, btw!

  164. Brother Paul Mary says:

    Assign one to Brother Paul Mary

  165. LarryD says:

    Christina – you have Mary Kay Kusner

    Brother Paul Mary – I've given you Jane Via

    Thanks for participating, and please forgive me for assigning these so late!

  166. Anonymous says:

    I'll take a name. Thanks.

    Fr. John

  167. LarryD says:

    Fr John – you have Judith Lee. Thanks for taking part, and God bless!

    p.s. – please keep myself and my wife and 2 sons in your prayers. Thank you.

  168. MommyMagpie says:

    I will take FOUR, please. I will personally pray for all four of them, but three will also be the special projects of my three homeschooled children; a practical exercise in a Spiritual Work of Mercy. Thank you in advance.

  169. David says:

    I am rather late to the party here, but I would like to “adopt a priestess.”

  170. LarryD says:

    MommyMagpie – you have Suzanne Dunn, Diane Smith Whalen, Jeannette Love and Linda Wilcox. Thanks for participating!

    David – it's never too late for prayer and fasting! Yours is Elelnora Marinaro.

  171. Karyn says:

    Please assign me the name of one woman to pray for. If you know of one from the Quad City area (Iowa/ Illinois) that would be great, but I'll take any one who needs prayers.

  172. LarryD says:

    Karyn – couldn't find any who hail from the Iowa area. I've given you Wanda Russell. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. Thanks for participating!

  173. Robyn Aderyn says:

    I know this is kinda late… I just found a link… Is anyone still up for adoption?

  174. LarryD says:

    Robyn – here's one for you: Barbara Zeman. Thanks for participating!!

  175. Anonymous says:

    I'd like a priestess, please! – LauraK

  176. Jesse C. says:

    I'd also like to pray for one of these women, please!

  177. LarryD says:

    LauraK – you have Maria McClain

    Jesse C. – I've given you Diane Dougherty.

    Thank you both for helping out!

  178. Nicholas the Elder says:

    Put me down for a wymyn pryst Larry!

    My rosary beads are ready and raring to go!

  179. LarryD says:

    Nicholas the Elder – you have Miriam Picconi. Thanks!

  180. Ben Trovato says:

    Larry did you see this?

  181. Do you have any left..? I would like one.

  182. SeanD says:

    I will take a priestess

  183. Dominic says:

    I would also like to adopt a priestess, only one for now though please, though I will include them all in my prayers.

  184. Flos Domini says:

    I would like to adopt a “priestess”. I can read German, just in case there are more like Ms. Mayr-Lumetzberger. Awesome blog, by the way, and it’s great to have you on wordpress!

  185. Irene says:

    I’d like to pray for one of the women also.

  186. jackie says:

    I just came across this blog today and must admit I am quite appalled at what I have read here.Who gave any of you the right to decide that these women where not called to their vocations as priests by the holy spirit ?I presume those who refer so sneeringly to these women as priestesses or wymen do so to try to belittle them.I will pray for these priests that the holy spirit will give them the strength and courage to withstand the jeers and mockery they have to put up with in honouring gods call to their vocation.

    • thelarryd says:

      Who gave any of you the right to decide that these women where not called to their vocations as priests by the holy spirit ?

      You’re mistaken, Jackie. We haven’t decided anything, except to faithfully follow Church doctrine. Women cannot become priests, and the Holy Spirit does not call them to become priests. That has been Church teaching since the beginning, following Christ’s example in the Gospel.

      I presume those who refer so sneeringly to these women as priestesses or wymen do so to try to belittle them.

      No – we belittle their mockery of the sacrament of Holy Orders and defiance and disobedience to the Church. What they are attempting to do is wrong, and harms the Body of Christ.

      I will pray for these priests that the holy spirit will give them the strength and courage to withstand the jeers and mockery they have to put up with in honouring gods call to their vocation.

      They aren’t priests.They’re merely fooling themselves, and a good number of their followers as well. While we pray for them to come to their senses and return to full union in the Church, you’ll be praying for their continued acts of disobedience. Which prayer do you think the Holy Spirit is more apt to answer?

      Thank you your comment – but support of these women pretending to be priests is misplaced and only serves to further wound the Body of Christ. That isn’t my opinion – that’s the truth as proposed by the Church.

  187. samantha bastian says:

    I know I’m pretty late in the game, but I’d like to adopt a priestess too:) Are there any who might need a second person praying for them?

  188. Irene says:

    You’ll have to add this woman to your list of people who need to be prayed for:
    Former Catholic nun Judy Beaumont will be ordained January 21, 2012 in Fort Myers FL.

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  190. Vanessa Chavez says:

    Hi i’m from El Salvador, and I want to pray for a priestess. Thank you!

    Vanessa Chavez

  191. thelarryd says:

    Thanks Irene – you’re a real trooper! (I had forgotten you had already taken Marilyn – so I appreciate the double duty!) Here’s her bio: Judy Beaumont

    Vanessa – you have Marybeth McBryan. Thank you for participating!!

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  193. I’d like to pray for a priestess. If there is some one in Colorado, if not, any one you choose. Caroline

  194. Kristen says:

    Are there any in Texas? If not, please select one for me.

  195. Nick says:

    Hey Larry!
    I was wondering if you could give me a bishop/priest/deacon(ess) from the South…I saw you say there are none from Texas and huic ago Deo gratias! (just a little Latin for you :D)

    By the way…I noticed that most of those “ordained” with “apostolic succession” (and i noticed a hole in that argument) are…quite aged…which is probably no coincidence!

  196. Irene says:

    Former Catholic nun ordained priest in Indianapolis in challenge to church’s female priest ban – Maria Thornton McClain (April 15, 2012)–Woman-Ordination

  197. Nick says:

    You know how you said here are no woman “priests” in Texas? So much for that:

    I’ll go ahead andconsider her as my prayer…assignment, I guess.

  198. So I am a year late, but add me in if you wish! I will also make this comment–you spoke of how this “wounds” the body of Christ–if I had read it a year or two ago I confess I might have failed to understand why, but watching what is happening with our sisters and nuns in general here in the USA and the amazingly negative response to the Vatican and bishops, to say nothing of a secular President surrounding himself with liberal Catholic females who are all thrusting his agenda like the spear into the side of Jesus, and I am seeing it…sadly. One step leads to the next. We could probably add to the “adoption” those who need re-conversion such as Pelosi and Sister Carol Sheehan, Sebelius and any others drunk with the power they now think they have to control the Church. It is actually frightening. And yet, as you and so many have said in this post, it is a spiritual battle truly. God bless you in this effort. May we all make some small difference. And together a big one.

  199. thelarryd says:

    Holy moley – Nick, I’m really sorry I neglected to give you a priestess to pray for. Mea maxima culpa! I see you’ve found one, so thanks.

    Richard – I’ve given you Judith McKloskey. Thank you!

  200. Cassi says:

    Awesome project! Apparently, it’s still going on, though it’s quite an old post, so I’d be honored to pray for one of these ladies. Thank you!

  201. I would like a priestess to pray for, please!

  202. Matt Ross says:

    G’Day from Australia. Don’t know if there’s any from here that are on your list. But as I’ve just purchased the book “Church Militant Field Manual” and am praying for Poor Souls in Purgatory and Lost Souls to return to the Church, I’d like to add a priestess to my prayers.

  203. Margaret Gould says:

    Add me, if it’s not too late.

  204. Grey Bear says:

    Well Larry, did it work ? How many heretics were saved ? It surprised me to see that Pope ‘joan chittister’ & her coven of benedictines-in-name-only from Erie, Pa. were not included. No wonder they are still frothing out heresies.

    • thelarryd says:

      I don’t understand the point of your questions. Do you really think I know who’s saved or not? Do you really think that the point of this project was so that I could take any credit for “saving” anyone?

      Do you want someone to pray for or not? If not, then please refrain from venting your spleen across my blog. That’s not what my blog is for. Thanks.

  205. I can commit to two and add them to our intercessory prayers during Rosary and Faith Study. I’m so excited. Why didn’t it occur to me before now to find Catholic Blogs?!?

  206. Ethan says:

    I’ll take a priestess!

  207. Deanna says:

    I will adopt one.

  208. Juliana Fisher says:

    I’ll take one of these silly “ladies.”

  209. thelarryd says:

    Deanna – sorry I’m just responding to you. While I’ve been busy and all, it’s no excuse. I’ve given you Michele Birch-Conery.

    Juliana – you have Marie Bouclin

    Thank you both for participating – and God bless you!

  210. James Even says:

    God bless you for this project… I would like one of their “bishops” please. This needs to be prayed out at the source and I have at least one rosary a day armed and ready for this lucky lady… For starters…

  211. I’d like to adopt a priestess if I still can.

  212. Good grief, Larry, do you know how long it took to scroll to the bottom on my ipad? Glad to see people are so motivated to pray for these women. And one for me, as well!

    Thank you for organizing this; God will surely reward you for being your brother’s keeper. πŸ™‚

  213. thelarryd says:

    James Even – you have Ida Raming. She claims to be a bishopette.

    misshamncheese – I’ve given you Kim Sylvester

    ladyofquality – you have Monica Kilbourn-Smith

    Thank you all for participating – sorry it took so long to get you your adoptees!

  214. Wish I had seen this sooner. Can I get one of the higher ups please?

  215. joeinblack says:

    I’m in! I hope its not too late…send me a name and I shall pray…bless you for this.

  216. joeinblack says:

    Thank you, brother. She is now on my prayer list, as are you. My next mass without an intention is yours.

  217. joeinblack says:

    PS: I really, really wanted to make a DieHard joke in relation to the target of my intercession here.

  218. I would very much like to pray and do penance for all of these “members” but I would like to have one to focus on. I’m very humbled that I hadn’t thought of this before.

  219. Joy Therese says:

    If it’s still possible, I’d love to adopt a “priestess”. I’ll have a TLM Mass offered for her once I know her name… πŸ˜‰

  220. AzabacheSilver says:

    I don’t know if I can Adopt any “priestess”, are there any Trans Woman Nuns available?

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