Happy Feast of St Patrick!

Saint Patrick Stewart Star Trek Catholic Holiday

We’re not Irish here at Acts of the O’Postasy, but we are Catholic, and we like to have a little fun from time to time (okay, maybe more than a little), so celebrating feast days in honor of our saints is what we do. It’s how we be.

So while you’re enjoying your corned beef and cabbage, and perhaps a brew or two – maybe even a wee little Irish coffee – remember the reason why we’re celebrating today. March 17 isn’t a free pass to dress in green, get drunk, and generally act like an asshat. That happens enough as it is, unfortunately, in plenty of places. No, today we honor the saint who converted the pagans in Ireland, who returned to the land in which he had been enslaved, to bring them the Good News of the Gospel, that Jesus Christ came into the world to save it, not condemn it.

Especially pray for St Patrick’s intercession for all of Ireland, as the nation votes on an abortion referendum at the end of May. Abortion is still illegal there – as it should be – but the referendum seeks to reverse that. As St Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland back in the day, may his powerful intercession once again, with the help and grace of God Almighty, serve to prevent them from returning.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everybody!

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The Catholic Church is a Ship

Ship Sea Catholic Church Sunset

Meme from yours truly, inspired by this quote from Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen: “Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops, like bishops, and your religious act like religious.”

But how? Prayer, fasting, and acts of reparation are the first steps we should and must take. For most of us, they are the only steps we should take. Yes, there are canonical procedures available to us, and yes, when priests and bishops commit crimes, cause scandal, and permit evil, then appropriate actions must be taken for the sake of the Church. I get all that, and support it. But for most circumstances: prayer, fasting, and acts of reparation. I believe more can be gained by that approach than by say, writing a letter to the parish priest because he has a different opinion, or blasting someone on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. This is spiritual warfare, and spiritual weapons need to be employed at all times. I think Archbishop Sheen would concur, that that’s how the laity can save the Church (bearing in mind, of course, that is Jesus Christ who saves – I wonder if what Sheen meant by ‘save’, he meant ‘preserve’. But that’s muh speculation).

There’s the apocryphal story of St Francis of Assisi, whereupon entering a village, many of the villagers enjoined him to reprimand their parish priest, because he was living a life unbecoming of a priest. Purportedly doing heinous things. Upon confronting the priest in the street, St Francis fell to his knees, kissed the priest’s hands, and exclaimed, “These are the hands that bring me Christ Jesus.” The priest repented on the spot.

I’m not close to being as holy as St Francis and Archbishop Sheen were; I’m not even in their same quadrant of the galaxy. But their holiness and example are worth striving for. Personal conversion must come first. Then we can go on and hope to convert and save others – and to me, the best ways to achieve that are: Pray. Fast. Make reparations.

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Story Claims Link Between Brain Damage and Religious Fundamentalism

I was shown this story earlier, and if I hadn’t laughed, I might have been offended. Not that I’m a fundamentalist – not by a long shot – but because of the implication if you believe in God, you’re brain damaged.

Screenshot from laptop

I had never heard of Raw Story, but it looks like a news site earning its coin by being 120% liberal and trashing anything conservative or Republican. I feel dumber having read various headlines on the site.

But I did read the entire article. A team of researchers from Northwestern, armed with a bias in search of a premise, wondered if a link existed between brain damage and religious fundamentalism. So, after taking CT scans of 119 Vietnam War veterans, they published their non-peer reviewed paper in the journal Neuropsychologia, stating that all religious fundamentalists are brain damaged. Based on 119 people.

Okay, they didn’t exactly say that – the article said “that religious fundamentalism is, in part, the result of a functional impairment in a brain region known as the prefrontal cortex.” Huh. Same can be said of some liberals who staunchly stand in their unwavering, inflexible beliefs, but what do I know? I’m not a scientist, and I don’t even play one on the Internet. But how else do you explain, for instance, college students protesting conservative pundits from speaking on their campuses, and presenting ideas contrary to their fundamentalist, rigid points of view?

But that’s not what caught my attention. It was their choice of image: Vice-President Pence, who had been called mentally ill by Joy Behar on the ABC show “The View”. The pic is a throat-punch implication that religious fundamentalism is a white male conservative Christian problem. But that’s a lie, and lies are par for the course where liberals are concerned. No, religious fundamentalism is a an equal opportunity destroyer.

Would the article have been more credible had Raw Story used an image of a real religious fundamentalist, rather than the Left’s go-to punching bag of caucasian Christian? Say, for instance…

Mao Tse Tung Religion Fundamentalism

Mao Tse Tung  Image source: Georg Denda via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Louis Farrhakan – Wikimedia Commons [Public Domain]

bin Laden Osama religion fundamentalism

Osama bin Laden   Image source: Hamid Mir via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Jim Jones religion fundamentalist

Reverend Jim Jones   Image Source: Nancy Wong via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]


Joy Behar    Image Source: Nick Step via Wikimedia Commons [CC BY 2.0]

Changes things, doesn’t it.

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Sunday Inspiration: “God Descends and Lifts Us Up”

Monstrance Blessed Sacrament Jesus Prayer Church Catholic Meditation

At Mass this morning, I read today’s Magnificat meditation after Holy Communion, a reflection by Simone Weil, and it absolutely blew me away. Something to contemplate the next time at Mass, or a visit with Jesus in the adoration chapel.

“When a human being turns his attention and gaze upon the Lamb of God present in the consecrated bread, part of the evil contained in him is carried into that perfect purity and undergoes destruction…

“When we have learned to turn our gaze upon perfect purity, only the limited duration of human life prevents us from being sure we can reach perfection here below, unless we sell out. For we are finite beings and the evil in us is also finite. The purity offered to our eyes is infinite. No matter how little evil we destroy with each look, if we would repeat that operation often enough, one day all evil would be destroyed…

“There are those people who try to elevate their souls like someone who continually jumps from a standing position in the hope that forcing oneself to jump all day – and higher every day – they would no longer fall back down, but rise to heaven. We cannot even take one step toward heaven. The vertical direction is forbidden to us. But if we look to heaven long-term, God descends and lifts us up.”

“The purity offered to our eyes is infinite.” No matter our sins or imperfections, no matter our past or present circumstances. No one is beyond salvation. Purity is offered to our eyes, and if we dare to allow Him, if we simply humble ourselves to invite Him in to our hearts, He will share that purity with us, and the evil within us will be destroyed, little by little. God descends and lifts us up.

Who couldn’t spend a lifetime contemplating this? “God descends and lifts us up.”

I know this, and I believe this – but I need to do a better job of living this.

Photo credit: Simon Chumkat on Visual hunt / CC BY

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