Vatican Officials Annoyed Pope Francis Won’t Shut Up Over His Being Silent

[ACMPress] – ROME – Numerous Vatican officials have complained to ACMPress that Pope Francis, ever since recommending “silence in prayer” in a homily delivered on September 3, to deal with those seeking scandal and division, hasn’t stopped talking about how silent he’s been.

“It’s intolerable,” one official said, agreeing to talk under the condition of remaining anonymous. “If he sees you in the hallway, he comes up to you and says, ‘Have you noticed how silent I’ve been? Pretty great, huh?’ And then he goes on for ten to fifteen minutes about how silent he’s been the past few weeks.”

“It’s gotten to the point where I actively try to avoid him,” a second official said. “But even that doesn’t work. I think the Holy Father goes out of his way to seek me out, and tell me how important it is to be silent in prayer.”

“He won’t shut up about it,” said yet another anonymous official. “He’ll say ‘I’ve been silent now for a whole week now! It’s fantastic!’  And then he asks if I’ve been silent in prayer, too. Once he asked while I was kneeling in the basilica!”

One official said he employs one simple trick to avoid Francis’ constant talking about being silent. “When I see him coming, I ask, ‘Your Holiness, do you have a moment to discuss the sex abuse crisis amongst the bishops?’ To which he always responds, with a shake of his head, ‘Not now. Silence and prayer.’ And then he walks away. Works every time.”

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