The St. Thomas the Apostle Approach to Reading the News

It’s right there, in John 20:25. “Unless I see corroboration, actual quotes, eyewitness accounts, full unabridged, undoctored video if available, and can confirm the story from different reliable sources, I will not believe.”

That’s not what he said? Well, it was something like that.

This is the attitude we need to adopt, regardless of the topic, and especially when it’s “Breaking News!” And this is most important: especially when it confirms our biases. Something we WANT to be true. Or conversely, something we DESIRE to be false.

What we’re experiencing today is nothing new. Thomas Jefferson, in 1807, wrote the following to John Norvell: “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day.” Poor reporting is as old as our nation. Older, even. The difference between then and now is the speed at which the lies travel, and the power they contain to create mobs capable of destroying lives in an instant.

So be like St Thomas. Be skeptical. Wait and see. Do your research. Discover the truth. Then decide.

Image Source: via Wikimedia Commons [Public Domain]

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