Pope Francis, Vatican Launch ‘Be Pope For A Day’ Program

[ACMPress] – VATICAN CITY – Vatican officials announced this morning a new program for tourists visiting the Eternal City: “Be Pope For A Day”.

Slated to begin after Pentecost, the program is designed to bolster tourism to Vatican City while increasing awareness of papal responsibilities. Every Wednesday, one lucky tourist will be randomly selected to be the Holy Father for the day, granting total access to behind-the-scenes duties, Vatican state affairs, and religious matters.

“Pope Francis is very excited with this new endeavor,” one official told ACMPress. “It’s in line with his desire to further de-emphasize the papacy and promote a greater decentralization of the Church. Plus he’s working so hard. He tires easily. This will give him a much needed mid-week break.

“The Holy Father figured with so many Catholics acting as their own Pope, why not give them a chance to see what it’s like? And who knows? Maybe we’ll see some exciting new development of doctrine, or perhaps a call for a synod, or declare some new saint or other. We have no idea what will happen. Which is business as usual around here.”

The Holy Father will draw the winning name at the conclusion of each scheduled Wednesday general audience, and for the rest of the day, that person will assume papal duties until 5:00 PM. The only restricted activities are presiding over sacraments. Vatican employees and their relatives are prohibited from entering the drawing, as are German bishops, members of Roman Catholic Women Priests, or bloggers who have Latin blog titles.

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    Did you pick Wednesday because it is the day on which Judas betrayed Christ or is this simply a serendipitous coincidence?

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