Pope Francis to Pastors: “Be Merciful and Accompany Those Who Hear Laurel and not Yanny”

[ACMPress] – VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis issued a short message to Catholic priests this morning: Be merciful to those who hear “Laurel”, and accompany them in their journey towards accepting “Yanny” as the truth.

“Around the globe, people are asked if they hear ‘Laurel’ or ‘Yanny’, and all too often those who hear ‘Laurel’ are berated and made to feel bad. Among you this must not be so! No, I say! Be merciful to them, and accompany them to a greater acceptance of their truth.”

He said that those who claim to hear ‘Yanny’ are too rigid, and must be more flexible in living out their truth.

“While it is plainly obvious ‘Yanny’, we must not chide those who believe they hear ‘Laurel’. The Holy Spirit works in surprising ways, and we must never stifle His mystical working among all peoples.”

He concluded his short message with this familiar phrase: ” If someone says they hear ‘Laurel’ and is searching for the Lord in good faith and has good will, then who am I to judge?”

Photo credit: Aleteia Image Partners on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

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3 Responses to Pope Francis to Pastors: “Be Merciful and Accompany Those Who Hear Laurel and not Yanny”

  1. TERRANCE says:

    But can they receive communion in the Traditional rite?

  2. alfie says:

    Nice parody. Gave me a good laugh today.

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