Patheos Announces Launch of New “Ex-Catholic” Channel

(ACMPress) A spokesman for Patheos Inc announced this morning they are launching a new channel by week’s end: The Ex-Catholic Channel.

“Given the growing number of ex-Catholics – especially in America – we felt they needed a place where they could monetize their experiences in a friendly, safe, supportive community,” the spokesman said. “We figured, why not help them fully explore their spiritual journey out of the One, Holy, Apostolic, Catholic Church?”

Patheos hasn’t announced which writers the new channel will feature, but it is rumored a significant portion of the German Episcopacy has been brought on.

“It’s time to capture this expanding demographic,” the spokesman said, “and get a toehold in the market long held by the National Catholic Reporter and Commonweal.”

Patheos did confirm that Rebecca Bratten Weiss will be the editor for the Ex-Catholic Channel, given her experience in managing the very similar Catholic Channel.

“The biggest hurdle we’re facing is marketing – how do we contrast the two channels?” the spokesman explained. “Will readers be able to tell the difference between them? It’ll be a challenge, but we’re confident Rebecca will figure it out – she’s all about nuance and gradation, after all.”

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Okay – Lar – you had me going for a bit there until I remembered it was April 1st. However, an ex-Catholic site would not surprise me one little bit.

  2. Stephen E Dalton says:

    Larry, don’t give them any ideas!

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