PARISH REPORT: Priest Installs Mirror in Adoration Chapel to Attract Millennials

[ACMPress] SEATTLE – The pastor at Our Lady of Virtual Reality announced this morning he’s made a major change to the parish’s perpetual adoration chapel, in hopes of attracting the millennial crowd to the church.

“I’m super excited about this,” Fr. Ken Seeted told ACMPress. “I installed a huge mirror at the front of the chapel, with the goal of bringing in the younger crowd. I want them to experience this holy, sacred time of perpetual adoration.”

Most of the parishioners ACMPress interviewed weren’t aware their parish even had a perpetual adoration chapel.

“I’ve been attending Mass here for Christmas and Easter for about ten years now,” one man said. “I never knew!”

“I went inside once,” a woman admitted, “and to be honest, I thought it just was the kneeler storage room.”

Fr. Seeted said several parishioners have told him they’re looking forward to the change. “They want that personal worship experience, so I’m going to give it to them. I believe in helping people on their faith journey, to enter into a deeper relationship with the person most important to them, without feeling judged. And who knows? Maybe the Boomer Generation will use it more than anybody!”

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