PARISH REPORT: Local Woman Sets Personal Record, Attends Mass on 9 Consecutive Sundays

ACMPress – OCALA – Local woman and life-long Catholic Bess Lye-Fevver posted on her Facebook wall earlier this week that she set a personal record of attending Mass 9 consecutive Sundays.

“Took a lot of effort and hard work, but I did it! Attended Mass yesterday morning, which makes it nine straight Sundays in a row! Almost skipped to go to yoga, but said to myself, it’s only 45 minutes. Do it!” – feeling celebratory

Her post received 63 likes and several congratulatory comments.

“You’re my hero and inspiration! I barely make it to Easter! Rock it!”

“Woo-hoo girl! Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. #Girlpower”

Bess told ACMPress that her previous streak of 8 weeks, set back in 2011, seemed insurmountable. “I had tied it a few times since then, but just lost steam. But this week, I told myself the only person stopping me, is me.” She allowed herself a humble smile, and seemed to lose composure for a second. “It’s like anything, right? You don’t want to do it, but once you’ve done, you’re like, wow, I really can’t believe what I just accomplished! And being validated by my friends was super helpful.”

Bess was unsure how much longer her impressive streak would last. “I know there are people who go every Sunday, but I’m not that much of a religious nut.”

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