PARISH REPORT: Greeters Give Mass-goers Sanitizer, Safety Masks to Combat Flu

ACMPress – GREEN BAY – Parishioners attending Mass this weekend at Sts. Tyrne & Koff in downtown Green Bay were given things other than smiles and handshakes by greeters. They were handed masks and small bottles of hand sanitizer upon entering the gathering space.

The greeters may have been smiling, except they were already wearing masks. Oh – and definitely no handshakes.

Director of Hospitality Sue d’Fedde explained to ACMPress the need for the health and safety items. “It’s been a rough flu season, so we want the parishioners protected as much as possible. Wearing masks during Mass seemed a practical, simple way to accomplish that, and liberal use of hand sanitizer will go a long way to reduce the spread of germs.”

Many of the parishioners seemed grateful for the preventative measures, as more than half of the congregation at each Mass wore the supplied masks throughout the entire liturgy. Many could be seen applying sanitizer before and after the Our Father.

“It’s necessary we take precautions,” d’Fedde said. “While I prefer people just stay home altogether, I recognize some people still believe attending Sunday Mass is important. Sanitizer and masks seemed a prudent compromise.”

Nobody was exempt from the new health and safety rules. The altar servers, the contemporary choir, the ushers, and even Fr. Ben Adrill, pastor at Sts. Tyrne & Koff, wore masks. Several parishioners told ACMPress after the 10:30 AM Sunday Mass that the contemporary choir never sounded better.

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