Catholic Bloggers Excommunicate Canon Lawyers Who Used Canon Law to Explain Why Catholic Pro-abortion Pols Can’t Be Excommunicated

[ACMPress] – Numerous Catholic bloggers, frustrated that New York bishops still haven’t excommunicated Governor Andrew Cuomo after signing an extremely progressive abortion law last week, have unilaterally excommunicated the canon lawyers who succinctly explained why excommunication of the governor isn’t possible.

In a letter cosigned by over twenty Catholic bloggers untrained in canon law, and obtained by ACMPress, the group wrote: “It’s bad enough the hierarchy refuses to do what we demand of them. We also have to endure canon lawyers making distinctions, and explaining what is and isn’t canonically possible. That is beyond the pale, and completely goes against our God-given right to have our pound of flesh. Sure, applying Canon 915 is all well and good, but it’s much more satisfying to excommunicate politicians like Cuomo than to pray for their conversion.”

The letter concluded with: “Thus, we’ve unilaterally excommunicated the canon lawyers who claim to have more knowledge and expertise than us bloggers who’ve been opining on this topic for several years, at least. We’re sure St. Thomas More would agree.”

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