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Moses’ Rejection Letter for “Exodus”

Approximately 1300 BC Mr. Moses 1 Mt Nebo Lane Pisbah, Plains of Moab Dear Mr. Moses: Thank you for sending your manuscript, Exodus, to Promised Land Publishing. However, it doesn’t meet our needs at this time. Or at any time, … Continue reading

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Hell Announces Ambitious Road and Highway Improvement Plans

[ACMPress] – KINGDOM OF ETERNAL FLAME AND PUNISHMENT – Road commission officials from Hell announced significant infrastructure improvement plans, less than a week after a Pennsylvania grand jury released a report on extensive clerical sex abuse and episcopal cover-up, spanning … Continue reading

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How We Got Liturgical Abuses and Ugly Churches

Puts it in perspective, doesn’t it? Can’t you imagine Dan Schuette wearing that brown and tan ensemble in the upper left corner while composing “Sing a New Song”? That quartet on the right – they’re your Folk Mass Worship Commission. … Continue reading

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