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Things St. Lawrence Never Said

In honor of today’s celebration of the Feast of St Lawrence, I decided to dig out and dust off a 2011 post from my old blog. I just love this guy. Deacon and martyr, patron saint of comedians and cooks. … Continue reading

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Slut Shaming in the Adoration Chapel

Here’s a crazy story for y’all. I have an adoration hour Tuesday nights at my parish’s Perpetual Adoration chapel. This week I witnessed the saddest and bizarrest thing in my 15+ years as an adorer, and a vivid example of … Continue reading

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A Short Post About Shorts at Mass

Time to bring up a big problem in the Church in America, being summer and all: men wearing shorts to Mass. If you’re a guy, and older than two, then no. Just because Jesus hung naked upon the cross doesn’t … Continue reading

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Since We Can’t Say “Spying” Anymore…

  Today we remember when Judas Iscariot went to the Sanhedrin and obtained a FISA warrant was paid thirty silver pieces to betray and deliver Jesus. After conducting authorized surveillance eating with Jesus and other disciples at the Last Supper, … Continue reading

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