A Short Post About Shorts at Mass

Time to bring up a big problem in the Church in America, being summer and all: men wearing shorts to Mass.

If you’re a guy, and older than two, then no. Just because Jesus hung naked upon the cross doesn’t make it okay to stand half-naked in the pew.

I know that nearly two minute walk from your air-conditioned car to the air-conditioned church is hell on earth, but you won’t die of enervation and heat exhaustion. Trust me, guys, you won’t.

I like what a friend told me their parish priest once preached from the pulpit: “You wouldn’t wear shorts to Buckingham Palace to visit the Queen of England, and she’s a heretic.”

Works for me.

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  1. smk, ofs says:

    *Very* well stated! It’s only an hour, one day a week, that we are asked to show our devotion to Jesus by attending Mass. Is it too much to ask to cover up? That goes for the ladies as well, needless to say.

    My parish is also home to the University of Akron Newman Center (114+ years old and un-air conditioned – feels like an oven by July). I am pleased to say that the students uniformly come to Mass clean, well-groomed, and wearing presentable clothing – no torn jeans, or t-shirts with inappropriate content printed on them.

    I don’t think we are asking for suits and ties, and formal dresses with high heels – just respectable, modest clothing.

    It seems to be my generation (I am 58) and older who have lost the sense of Who we are there for at Mass, sadly. Really, ladies – it is *so* much cooler to wear a sundress with something light covering your upper arms. And gentlemen – a golf shirt and a pair of khakis is considered business casual, and is perfectly presentable for Mass. It isn’t a lot to ask.

    Thank you for your timely reminder for me and others! God bless you and all here! – Susan, OFS

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