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If John the Evangelist Had Blogged Revelation….

(While A Catholic Misfit is off enjoying a well-deserved vacation, please enjoy an old AoftheA post!) YOM SHLISI, SIMANU, 96 Another Vision Of An Angel [Sorry about the delay between posts, everyone. It’s been storming the past few days, and … Continue reading

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Oh Noes! The Vatican Is Controlling History!!11!1!!

If Dan Brown is the king of Catholic conspiracy theories, with his Da Vinci codes and whatnot, then director Timothy Alberino of “True Legends” documentaries, is the court jester. Have you seen this? Apparently, the Vatican has been suppressing pre-flood … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Pick Kavanaugh Honored to be Latest in Long Line of Judicial Disappointments

[ACMPress] – WASHINGTON – Justice Brett Kavanaugh, nominated to the US Supreme Court by President Trump on Monday July 9, expressed his gratitude at being the latest in a long line of nominees who will ultimately disappoint just about everybody … Continue reading

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How We Got Liturgical Abuses and Ugly Churches

Puts it in perspective, doesn’t it? Can’t you imagine Dan Schuette wearing that brown and tan ensemble in the upper left corner while composing “Sing a New Song”? That quartet on the right – they’re your Folk Mass Worship Commission. … Continue reading

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