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Popes Francis and Michael Exchange Historic Handshake at Kansas-Missouri Border

The leaders of the Roman Catholic Church and sedevacantist breakaway church shook hands for the first time ever at the Kansas-Missouri border, prior to talks to possibly one day end the separation between the two churches. The meeting, which comes … Continue reading

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Alfie Evans and the Dissolution of Rights

The tragic story of Alfie Evans continues to unfold hour by hour. It seems that with every hopeful step forward, the UK courts issued orders erecting even more barriers between the toddler’s parents, their desires for their son’s continued treatment, … Continue reading

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Grace From a Dying Friend

[Two years ago today, my best friend died. I wrote this after having spent time with him several days before he died. I miss him every day.] V, one of my closest and dearest friends, is dying. The cancer in … Continue reading

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What My Lawsuit Taught Me About Forgiving My Enemy

I got sued last year. The details aren’t important, except to say a manufacturer I represented terminated our contract in April. Both sides filed motions, and after two days of evidentiary hearings in business court, on a Friday afternoon in … Continue reading

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